Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This morning:

I got the match.py program working fine. I then used it output to make a new CMD. It matched 20,207 stars--much more than what I was getting before using spherematch, but way more than I was expecting it to find.

This afternoon:

I went back to my idl matching code to see if I could figure anything out. I wasn't able to discover a reason why it would be matching so few stars. I did notice that many of the really crazy colors were associated with at least one band having an especially low color. So I did a magnitude cut at 15 in both bands to see if this would clean up the CMD a bit. It helped with the color distribution but not must else.

I also spent a bit of time working on the CMD calibration stuff, but I'm getting ready to leave because it's super stormy out.


Meeting at 9 with Beth to go over everything in detail to find out if we can discover anything useful about the crazy CMDs.

If I'm not busy working on whatever we come up with to fix the CMD I'll continue to work on the calibration code, particularly the offset plot since that will hopefully help to find anything that could be wrong in the CMD.

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