Monday, May 24, 2010

First day back on the job

It's been a fairly productive day. I met with Beth this morning to discuss directions for the summer and we seemed to be on the same page. I spent this morning going through my files on squid and getting rid of a lot of the old stuff. There were a lot of files that were unnecessarily taking up space simply because I had found better ways to do things and never had the time to go through and delete the old stuff. Along the way I would occasionally use the old files for reference so I had to go through and see exactly what needed to be kept and what could go. It was interesting seeing how far I've come over the past year and a half or so.

After cleaning out my corner of squid, the next priority is getting moving on the artificial star tests. Those are necessary to double check the completeness and the magnitude limits we set on the data for the ML code, etc. Last I had messed with that stuff, I had allstar and daophot automatically running on all the files, but hadn't checked the result because I was focusing on my thesis. It's now time to go back and revisit that work and come up with a real completeness cut-off. That will be this week's project.

Tomorrow Beth and I leave for a workshop at the University of Maryland: Advances in Theoretical and Observational Cosmology. It looks like it will be interesting and I'll be staying both Wednesday and Thursday. I'm looking forward to the observational stuff which I'm familiar with, but also the theoretical side. I know I just got back on campus, but I suppose it will also be nice to break up the not-quite-yet-established monotony.

It will also be good to return to maintaining the blog. It seems to keep me on a productive path and makes it especially easy for me to reference notes to myself. I've virtually given up my written notebook in favor of this online version.

Here's to a good summer!

Summer 2010: Goals

Back at Haverford for another exciting summer. (And it's already raining.)

This summer will be my last and Haverford and will really focus on getting the paper together for publication. I'll also wrap up some loose ends from all the works I've done.

Long-term goals:
-Write a draft of the paper

Shorter-term goals:
-Complete artificial star testing
-Fix Wil1 simulations
-Re-examine the luminosity function as a function of distance from the center of Wil1
-Quantify asymmetry in Wil1

Artificial star testing is the first priority. Then I'll probably write up something to quantify the asymmetry. Next week Beth and I will talk about the luminosity function results from the 2006 paper, my thesis, and the structure of the new paper. In a few weeks we'll look more in depth into the Wil1 simulation problem.