Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer 2010: Goals

Back at Haverford for another exciting summer. (And it's already raining.)

This summer will be my last and Haverford and will really focus on getting the paper together for publication. I'll also wrap up some loose ends from all the works I've done.

Long-term goals:
-Write a draft of the paper

Shorter-term goals:
-Complete artificial star testing
-Fix Wil1 simulations
-Re-examine the luminosity function as a function of distance from the center of Wil1
-Quantify asymmetry in Wil1

Artificial star testing is the first priority. Then I'll probably write up something to quantify the asymmetry. Next week Beth and I will talk about the luminosity function results from the 2006 paper, my thesis, and the structure of the new paper. In a few weeks we'll look more in depth into the Wil1 simulation problem.

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