Friday, June 18, 2010



1. I found a bug in the addstar file code that will hopefully have a profound impact on my completeness results. Unfortunately, I accidentally corrupted my only copy of one of the allframe output files, so I have to re-run Allframe all over again. :( I still have high hopes that my completeness problems will all magically disappear after this. If so, Allframing begins this weekend.

2. I spent part of the morning working on the manual that tracks all of my analysis. I had originally written it as a .doc because I was working from my computer during a break from school and the ssh connection was horrible. Today I converted it all to a latex document and made the formatting really nice. I also added a preface and have been trying to incorporate a table of contents. Some other time, I'll get to updating the content. So far, the Bertin software sections are largely complete; the Allframe and Artificial Star Test sections still have a ways to go.

3. During the afternoon I revised the first two sections of the paper. Overall, the intro reflects that of my thesis much more now, with plenty of revisions I nabbed from the first draft of the real paper. I'll proofread draft 2 and then send it on to Beth for review. Next on the paper agenda will be finishing the completeness section and moving on to results.

1. Completeness like it's never been done before.
2. Adding bootstrapping to the distance code.
3. More work on the paper.

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