Thursday, July 15, 2010

Belated Wed update

-Confirmed the bug from before.

-Found two more bugs that popped up in the post-allframing analysis.
--one of which was an incorrect application of the chi/sharp function. I was previously performing the cut before the data was calibrated, but my chi/sharp function is manually set to calibrated magnitudes! This was killing the completeness.

-Automated DAOmaster for the first time. It's relatively easy to do by hand and I previously had problems successfully writing a shell script to automate it. But now I have one! Life just got that much simpler.

-Calculated the completeness from all the artificial star tests together --a total of XXXXX stars. Much happier about the the completeness limit, not so much about the values at the bright end--I'm getting more like 97% instead of 100% brighter than r =22.5

-More than half through the corrected ASTs

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