Thursday, June 25, 2009


1. Used the python code to iterate over DAOphot and Allstar. It doesn't look like it got us any deeper overall, but it certainly found more stars and so the CMD filled in pretty nicely. We're not at about 25.5 mags on a CMD of stars within 2 arcmin of Wil1, which is the same limit used in the 2006 CMD.

2. My registration and abstract for the Ann Arbor gig are finally sent! Got an email from one of the organizers about hotel reservations. Tonight I'll buy the plane tickets so that's out of the way.

3. Worked on the calibration code. The zero-point/color term code based on what Beth sent is completed. I'm working on getting the bootstrap working. I think the bootstrap itself is more or less correct, but I'm having trouble getting it to play nicely with the linear fitting.

4. Alex and I succeeded in our task to get Beth and Marla to the Physics Lounge (not an easy thing to do) for her surprise yay-you-got-money-here's-some-champagne party which Suzanne organized, of course.

5. I also read Ricardo's CB and UMaII draft to get a sense of how he's been doing things. He gave a lot of insight into the calibration methods that I'm currently working on, which I'll use as guidance as I finish up working on that code. He also ended up using AllFrame because it got deeper results. Because we're still not getting as deep as we want, I'm going to start reading up on AllFrame and figuring out how much of a hassle it'll be to try that method. I'm hoping to give it a trial run next week to see if I can get a deeper CMD. It still concerns me a bit that we're not even getting to 26th magnitude with swarp, as Beth's calculations predicted. That seems to indicate that something else is still not working properly in my current analysis.


1. Finish calibration code.
2. Look into AllFrame.
3. Get moving on the max likelihood stuff.

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  1. Your new CMD *is* better than that in 2006... just not as good as we want :) I'm very glad that the iterative photometry produced more stars, and that Jason's python script is working well for you. Much easier now, no?