Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Words weren't really flowing last night so I finished the abstract this morning and emailed it to Beth for comments. Once the abstract was proofread I emailed in my application for the workshop.

Then I fixed the bug Beth found in the chi and sharp code--an indexing problem. That greatly reduced the file size and corrected the plots. So I sent those to Beth for feedback.

Next I took a look at the Python code Beth recommended for iterating DAOphot and Allstar and got that running. The thought is that after we've subtracted the brightest stars, running DAOphot and Allstar again will nab even fainter stars, hopefully giving us a fainter CMD overall. Had some trouble getting in running, though. It got stuck when choosing psf stars. I emailed Beth to see if she had ever had that problem with the code.

Also had a group meeting today. Everyone seems to be making progress. I've made a good amount of progress since last week even though last week I thought I would be stuck by now. Marla Geha is also here collaborating with Beth so she sat in on the meeting.

More along the same lines--fixing the python code, hopefully improving CMDs, working on calibration code.

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