Thursday, July 16, 2009

Positive Loglike Values!



I got the max likelihood code working with a fix to the KPNO input file. It's running at a snail's pace, though. The amoeba results look legit at first glance so I hope I'm not wasting time in letting it run.

Allframe finished last night, but I'm just noticing that all of my sharp values are 0.0. This is going to be a big problem when I go to make chi and sharp cuts to the CMD to pick out the stars. I'm looking into this and trying to run Allframe again to see if there's not an easy fix. I wasn't entirely sure what to change to fix this problem since it's so random, but I increased the Allframe iterations and I'll just see if my results are similar to what I got before.

In the meantime my post-Allframe analysis is so close and yet so far...I'm currently at a standstill with running DAOmaster on my Allframe output. For some reason it just won't read the input file. I tried the files that Ricardo sent from his run of Wil1 data and that won't run either. So I sent some of my files back to him to see if they'll run on his machine. I'm not sure if I'll be happy or not if they run there, but it'll be better than nothing. I compared my files to his and other than the sharp thing I don't see a difference. And I don't think the bad value would contribute to a read error. I'm going to take a fresh look at it a little later when I haven't been staring at the same files all day.


With any luck my max likelihood run will be done so I'll have some good Wil1 params by the end of the day.

With a huge amount of luck it won't take me another 2 weeks to figure out what's wrong with the Allframe analysis this time. Ricardo got good sharp values on the same data so I'm not sure I want to know what the problem is...but one way or another it would be awesome to have a CMD leading into the weekend. If only the allframe results would cooperate. The rest is really pretty straightforward.

In the meantime of other things running I'm going to get started on the absolute magnitude calculation. With everything else happening I doubt this will get done by the end of tomorrow. But I'll settle for by the end of Monday.

Results are finally close to coming together. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later so I can put this talk together.

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