Thursday, June 3, 2010

Completeness woes

I've been working on the artificial star testing this week and having trouble calculating the completeness. Last Thursday I ran Allframe for the first time on the fake frames. Then on Friday I completed the post-Allframe analysis and dug into calculating the completeness but I was getting crazy values that were nowhere near what they should have been.

After digging through on Monday and Tuesday I had fixed a few bugs. But it wasn't until yesterday that I realized a conversion error between pixel values and ra and dec. The coordinates in the reference frame were correct, but all other frames appeared to have some distortion in the placement of artificial stars. In fact, many of the stars were offset by 2", and so that explains why I wasn't finding them within 0.5" of where I thought I had input them.

Unfortunately, even when I increased the match length to 2.5", I still wasn't matching all of the stars as I had expected if that was the only problem. I chose to re-run Allframe using the fix, but I don't think that will completely solve the problem. One of the things I do in the process of matching Allframe is match between all of the frames to make sure i have at least 2 detections of each star. It is possible that I was losing stars in this step because the inserted stars weren't necessarily coincident between frames (though they were meant to be), however it looked to me as though all frames other than the reference were using the same ra and dec values for the artificial stars. So there should have been only a very few stars lost, namely those appearing on only the reference frame. Still, this problem needed to be fixed and it's very possible that additional errors were introduced when the transformation between frames was calculated using DAOmaster.

I've corrected several bugs in my calculation of the completeness including how I was selecting stars. Today, I'll finish analyzing the latest Allframe run and incorporate that to my completeness calculation to see if I'm matching things any better. I also plan to meet with Beth to discuss an outline for the paper. Then I'll jump into writing the intro.

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