Thursday, June 3, 2010

Paper Outline

I met with Beth earlier today to discuss the outline of my paper. Here it is:

1. Intro
2. Observations and Data Reduction
--star selection
3. Results
-Age, metallicity, distance
-Absolute Magnitude
-Structural Properties (incl surface brightness)
((mass seg))
4. Implications of tidal features
-Assuming circular orbit --> instantaneous tidal radius
-assuming GC M/L (= a few) --> instantaneous tidal radius
-assuming Wolf et al. mass --> tidal radius
-assuming tidal radius = visible size --> M/L
-assuming 10:1 orbit and currently at apocenter --> tidal radius
5. Conclusions
6. Discussion

I've decided to take a break on the completeness stuff to get moving on the paper. Today and tomorrow I'll work on the first two sections. Then I'll get back to the completeness thing so that I can calculate the magnitude uncertainties. From there I'll work on determining the distance using fiducials and isochrones. When I've decided on a distance I'll use it to inform me about Wil1's age and metallicity. Then I'll go back to the structural properties to finalize them given the results of the completeness testing and also to calculate the Wil1 surface brightness. After that we've got to get back to working on the simulated galaxy to fix problems with the morphology of the simulation.

After all that gets done I'll just have the final calculations for section 4 and interpreting all the data for the conclusions and discussion section. No big deal. (If time permits, we'll then check out the possibility of mass segregation, at least in a preliminary sense.)

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