Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7 Update

Today I worked on finishing up the data section of the paper and proofreading what I have. I sent the draft of the first 2 sections to Beth for comments.

I also went back to looking at the completeness stuff and going through it very carefully. Beth gave me an alternate calculation to try. Instead of matching positions, she recommended I match based on CMDs to see what the completeness levels are looking like. That way I'll know if it's still a problem with the position transformations or if Allframe simply isn't finding the stars. There are a few things that are complicating this process. The first was the error in positions. The second is that I can't be sure that the magnitudes coming out of the pipeline are matching those I put in. I'm getting the sense that this isn't a huge concern, but I'll need to test this hypothesis thoroughly tomorrow.

Tomorrow is finishing the coding on this new completeness calculation. There's also group meeting and Bruce's talk in the afternoon.

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